Need blazing-fast, feature-rich, easy-to-use zip compression that doesn't suck?

Frustrated with your zip compression options? You are not alone... in fact, you are in great company:

"We needed a solution that delivered zip compression quickly and easily. We looked at all the usual suspects - open source and free solutions - but came away unsatisfied. Many projects were poorly documented and time consuming to comprehend. When we finally did get them to work, we would find out that they did not do what they promised or lacked critical features. Sometimes there were serious bugs. We briefly thought about building our own solution, but soon realized that it would take us months if not years."

John Lorne
EDN Technologies
What if you were able to add well-documented, thoroughly-tested and feature-rich compression to your application in minutes rather than months or years? Imagine NOT having to write, debug, test and maintain tons of code for zip compression. What will you do with the tens or hundreds of hours saved? Add new core features to your application to make it better? Spend less time working and more time doing the things your love?