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ActiveX Zip Bullet  Description: Easy-to-use Zip ActiveX DLL control with modern ZIPX archiving, cutting-ege compression algorithms, strong AES encryption, versatile self-extract and more.
ActiveX Zip Bullet  Platform: ActiveX / COM / DLL
ActiveX Zip Bullet  Licensing: Royalty-free

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Our Zip ActiveX / DLL control is a unique solution that was designed from the ground up for ease of use and rapid application development. Any functionality can be added in 10 minutes or less using our step-by-step quick start guide. In addition, our Zip ActiveX / DLL control is the only one that's WinZip 18 compatible and delivers the latest technologies (such as XZ w/ LZMA2, JPEG recompression, WavPack, LZMA, BZip2, PPMd, Deflate64) for disk savings of 15%-40% over traditional deflate compression. And of course the control supports all the regular bells and whistles such as strong WinZip AES encryption, ZIP64 large file extensions, multipart and self-extract. It also supports advanced features such as multithreading and asynchronous operations.

What would you expect to pay for a zip control that gives you the most advanced zip compression features anywhere, and saves you days if not weeks in development time? At $799 our Zip ActiveX / DLL component costs less than you may think. If it saves you just 1-2 days of development work, it justifies its price.

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